Hold me close enough to breath me in

Sunday musings…

I got a chance to spend some time with my sim mate Billy yesterday. We planned on spending a lazy Saturday, chatting away, catching up on what has been happening and actually enjoying Second Life doing what we love to do – take pictures. Both of us struggle with Real Life always being busy and the chance to actually do things together is a luxury. Knowing us though, we concluded that we had to do some amazing photos with our good friend Kirsty’s poses, as well as numerous other creators that I enjoy (well he does as well.) Of course we both have different view points on what we want to take pictures of. He wanted to do a nude shot – especially using the socks from erratic that can be found at the Arcade. You can find his rendition of the shot HERE.

But as for musings…I treasure these small moments. Even if it’s only a few hours, my time spent with my sim mate is precious. No matter what we do, where we are, we say hello to each other every day. Through ups and downs, we’ve been there. I am grateful to have him in my life (as I am to have many.) We have a good relationship. I believe everyone needs that.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤
Hold me close enough to breath me in


[PM]Pixel Mode – Refurbished Sleigh Bed Bench / Tya Fallingbridge *FaMESHed*
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Reindeer – Birch / Tya Fallingbridge *FaMESHed*
[PM]Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Desk Clock / Tya Fallingbridge *Arcade*
{vespertine} bare birch tree / Amelie Knelstrom *Arcade*
{vespertine} god’s heart. RARE / Amelie Knelstrom *Arcade*
junk. star screen. / Tab Tatham & Evankeel *Arcade*
junk. crown light. / Tab Tatham & Evankeel *Arcade*
junk. little house shelves. / Tab Tatham & Evankeel *Arcade*
junk. wood burner. / Tab Tatham & Evankeel *Arcade*
dust bunny . christmas tree RARE / lxlnoel *Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – PEACE Letters / Cory Edo *Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – Cutout Tree / Cory Edo *Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – Bucket + Lit Branches / Cory Edo *Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – Star Tree / Cory Edo *Past Arcade*
Trompe Loeil – Projector / Cory Edo *Arcade*
8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Carpet / iBi *Arcade*
Scarlet Creative – Foundry Prefab / Charlotte Bartlett *Shiny Shabby*
Scarlet Creative Foundry Antler Chair – Cotton / Charlotte Bartlett *Shiny Shabby*
{theosophy} Eighteenth Amendment – Punch Bowl (Rose) / Trace Osterham *Arcade*
{theosophy} Eighteenth Amendment – Bar Cart (Light) RARE / Trace Osterham *Arcade*
+Half-Deer+ Mini Forest Cabin Scene (Winter) / Halogen Magice
Zago ski goggles 4 white/white / Euterpe Zagoskin
Zago ski goggles 2 blue/black / Euterpe Zagoskin
{what next} Winter Harvest Drinks Tray / Winter Thorn *TLC*
Kuro – Skies / Luana Dawg
Pose: RACK Poses “My Reason to Smile” / Kirsty Oherlihy *TLC*
RACK Poses “All Began with You” / Kirsty Oherlihy

On Her:
erratic / hazel – oversized sweater RARE / Erratic Rain*Arcade*
erratic / eva – holiday socks – white trees / Erratic Rain *Arcade*
Glam Affair – December Skin in Jamaica 03 F / Aida Ewing *Arcade*
Clawtooth – Snow Bunny #1 / Bubbles Clawtooth *Arcade*

On Him:
Giomen – Woolen Cardigan / Giovanni Quinzet
FATEwear pants – Jack – Lagoon/ Damien Fate
FATEwear socks – Jerry – Winterforest / Damien Fate
*Birth* Reese Skin in Light
MINA – Alex 01 Male / Mina Makamura *Winter Trend*

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