I don’t want to love you. Oh, I still do.

I sometimes wonder when I lay my heart down on the ground if it’s a metaphor for the person to crush it, stomp on it and grind it to a pulp. It seems, that whenever I do something like this – the results end the same. The person who has the power to have this piece of me, chooses to take it upon themselves and twist the organ this way or that.

And then people begin to wonder – well why has this person become such a pessimist or detached from letting those in?

Continuous, repetitive natures can only keep a person there for so long. It doesn’t matter if the heart given is out of love, friendship, or companionship. The heart given is a gift from one person to the other, and that trust given should be – SHOULD be a valuable thing.

But alas…this is Second Life. And to think, that we compare it to real….

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤I don't want to love you. Oh, I still do.Dress: NYU Vanity Mini-Dress – Ice2 (s) / Nyunyu Kimono *FaMESHed*
Necklace: Cae :: Bella Notte / Caelan Hancroft *FaMESHed*
Shoes: Eudora3D – Nereida Wedges (xs) / Eudora3D *Uber*
Skin: Belleza – Beth Pale 4 Dr – Uber / Shyla Boucher *Uber*
Hair: tulip – Bethany – Darks / Minami Susanowa *Uber*
Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes in Nymph / Ikon Innovia
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Casual / Siddean Munro
Prop: Seven Emporium – Heart Marquee / Agustkov
Pose: flowey / Flutter Memel

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