While our blood’s still young…

Sunday musings….

Letting go is hard, especially when we are so attached to something or someone. We don’t want to relinquish the feelings, the enjoyments or the sorrows because they are our’s to keep. Letting go means we have to turn away, force ourselves not to look back and remain strong. At times, we slip and fall and attempt to crawl back on what we let go, but most times we stand our ground and continue to move on.

I’m not necessarily talking about relationships, because I know I’m the worst at letting go when it comes to people. I don’t want to let them go and when I do I feel that I’ve lost a limb. I guess I’m stubborn like that. When it comes to things that I do within my time here and my real life, it’s hard to let go of the responsibilities I have accomplished. I don’t trust others to do as good of a job as I do, nor do it the way I like. Handing over my work to others is a form of trust. Trust is hard. Today, I gave over one of those accomplishments to a friend and co-support member of the [SL] Blogger Support. From the day of it’s inception – it’s been a pride and joy to me. Today, I let go and gave the responsibilities over to another because it was time.

I am scared, but I feel good. I am nervous, but I feel relieved. It’s a battle within myself. It’ll be fine.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤While our blood's still youngTop: -Tres Blah- Summer Kimono – Floral (s) / Juliette Westerburg *Summerfest ’14*
Short: -Tres Blah- Astrid Denim Cut Offs – Medium Wash (s) / Juliette Westerburg *Summerfest ’14*
Necklace: Cae :: Hamsa Necklace (short) / Caelan Hancroft *FaMESHed*
Skin: Glam Affair – Cassia in Jamaica 02 G / Aida Ewing *Summerfest ’14*
Hair: Alice Project – Summertime Sadness – Basics / Alice Demonia *Rhapsody*
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes in Glass (ml) / Ikon Innovia
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Elegant / Siddean Munro
Pose: Imeka / Nati Williams *Poser Pavilion @ TLC*
Location: Baja Norte

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