I’m taking it slow, feeding my flame…

Slow is a good thing.

I’m not sure that many people see that though. Most often, we’re in a fit of a rush to get what we want, to increase how quickly we need to grab ahold of something that may or may not be there tomorrow. Instant gratification. We need it NOW. We forget that time – no matter how badly we push it, is absolute. It’s always just going to go at its own pace. We cannot hurry the process, press a button to fast forward.

Yes, I am in error of this as well. I wish things would go faster at times. Especially when I have pending vacations or something exciting coming up. But there are times, when I just want everything to slow down. Calm down. It’s not a feeling of laziness, it’s a feeling that time is just slipping away and everything that is supposed to be enjoyed is not being given its full attention. Hurry this, hurry that. We need to have it done NOW.

And when we hurry, when we skate over time like ice – we screw up. We make mistakes, and sometimes we make HUGE mistakes that cannot be fixed. We stumble and fall, we become inadequate. Hell, we become mediocre. Do we want that? I sure as hell don’t. Time pushes our perfection. Let’s start to control it. Slow the hell down.

For credits and landmarks, see below I'm taking it slow, feeding my flameProps:
Seven Emporium – Neon Arrow / Cigarette Machine / Handtruck / Truckers Welcome Sign / Wall Bulb / The Filmore Factory Clock / Color TV! Sign / Gasoline Can / Gasoline Lamp / Moonshine Crate (single) & Bucket *Currently at The Men’s Dept April* by Agustkov
junk. – Street Sign Soho Square – White wall / Tab Tatham *The Men’s Dept April*
junk. Pipe Bench / Tab Tatham
O.M.E.N. Cigars / Damascusvera
S O R G O – Euros Stack 200e / Folded Stack 100e / Passports Pile B by Arscene Dubrovna
Industrial Skybox (small) / Augstsa Jun
Oyasumi – Work Cabinet in Grey / Kenzo Gateaux
Pose: Exposeur “Set Fire to the Rain” / Rubystarlight Writer

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