I grew up in a household where a lot of my vegetables and fruits were “homegrown”. Growing up in Western New York (the Finger Lake Region), I was used to milk coming from a “real” dairy, buying our cheese and ice cream from the same place, and local produce from stands. My mother has a talent, one that I – for the life of me – cannot replicate. She has the “green” thumb in which anything she touches grows beautifully. Her gardens are masterpieces of colour during the spring and bountiful in the summer. I have always envied her skill, trying my hardest to plant things or take care of a plant in my own place. But alas, the leaves would fall off and everything just dies.

So I’ll stick to fantasizing here about gardening and growing my own produce for now. Luckily, Pixel Mode and Lark filled my dreams during this round of the Arcade by allowing me to indulge my fantasies of those homegrown memories. Thanks ladies. You’ve made it amazing.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤HomegrownLark – Farmer’s Market Set (ALL) / Sienia Trevllion *The Arcade March 2014*
[PM] Pixel Mode HOME – The Happy Gardener Set (ALL) / Tya Fallingbridge *The Arcade March 2014*
Tres Blah – Spring Living Chairs (Yellow and Pink) / Julliette Westerburg *The Arcade March 2014*
The Secret Store – Wild Flowers – Mixed Flowers (RARE) / Maylee Oh *The Arcade March 2014*
Seven Emporium – Heated Pool Sign / Agustkov *The Arcade March 2014*
{vespertine} Wooden Garden Shed (modded) / Amelie Knelstrom
{vespertine} Crate of Vegetables / Amelie Knelstrom
{what next} Picnic Tins / Winter Thorn
{what next} Mini A-Board Sign / Winter Thorn
Second Spaces – English Garden Pots / Elle Kirshner
Zigana – Ladder / Nalena Fairey
[ Organica ] Hanging Ivy / Aki Shichiroji
Culprit – Old Greenhouse Brick / Eku Zhong

One thought on “Homegrown

  1. Like you, I grew up in the North East of North America (Eastern Ontario, specifically) and got used to being able to get milk & meat from the local farmer and vegetables from the garden.

    I’m not sure growing things is an innate talent though! Nature does a fantastic job at keeping things alive! It’s more about place, and love, so keep trying!

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