My Life

Things happen for a reason. It’s not something we can stop or take control of. We would like to think that we shape our own destinies in ways that allow us to choose the paths in which we take, but with so many twist and turns and the ever-continuing growth of hazards, we cannot choose exactly.

Most of us go through good days, sprinkled with an occasional bad day here and there. We can handle those bad days with nothing more than a feeling of sad or regret, then move onto the next happy day. We are in a way a joyful lot who allow for immense satisfaction. Our desires and wants make us happy, although our needs to as well – they are as superficial and sugar-coated as the rest. We may want something so badly, but we really do not need it. We think we do, but in all honesty we don’t.

There are those – some of us, who cannot escape the feeling of sad and regret. We don’t choose this path willfully, although sometimes – and in someways, we hold onto it like the sodden blanket it can become. It’s sad to say that when we do follow this path that we had been led down too, it was of our own calling. We had the necessary steps to stop the ongoing process and take a different route, but instead we choose to stumble over a more difficult one, either through our narcissistic ways or because we choose to ignore the downward spiral until it is too late.

How does one break out of this cycle though? Do we surround ourselves with something new and shiny to break the habit – out with the old, in with the new? Or do we venture off to get help beyond our control, seek guidance in stronger healers and intricate minds that understand our plight? And once finally, when we do seek the help that we need, are we prepared to witness the destruction that lays behind us, down the path that we so took? Are we prepared to look back and either fix the mangled mines or leave it to be buried and forgotten?

I ask these questions to myself daily. What I do – or choose to do effects everything that I take part in. Whether my choices are right or wrong, for my own pleasure of the solace of others, it impacts the very fiber of who I am what I become. When upon coming into Second Life, I choose to be the person I was in world as I was out. My standards, my practices, and how I act is clearly an indication of who I am in the real world. So when I flounder and go down paths that I have taken that I should not have, it is up to me to drag myself out of the muck and continue on. I have struggled the past few months, not because of this place, but because of my own real life and the choices I have made (and some I have not been able to control). This does not mean that I am a fuck up or that I lack any clarity, it just means that I am learning the paths of my life.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤

My Life

Dress: *COCO* Lace Dress in White (s) / Cocoro Lemon *The Season’s Story*
Necklace: Cae :: Into the Woods Necklace / Caelan Hancroft *Enchantment* Coming Soon
Skin: Glam Affair – Katya in America 03 G / Aida Ewing
Hair: TRUTH Hair – Rowan / Truth Hawks *NEW*
Eyes: IKON – Promise Eyes in Glass (ml) / Ikon Innovia *FaMESHed*
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Gesture / Siddean Munro
Nail Appliers: {Wicked Peach} Knotwork in Silver / Autumn Aramanth *Fantasy Gacha Carnival* Coming Soon
Pose: (marukin) / Valencia Southard

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