Because I can…

I want to be a lazy blogger and not have to worry about posting my credits appropriately.  I want to take a picture and just take it for the pleasure.  I want to sit there and marvel at the colors of the sim. I want to be the first to take a picture of something not yet released and revel in it.

Because…I can.

Because it’s my Second Life. It’s my choice. It’s my own decisions and what I do is to make those among me feel good and myself. I want to shout at the top of my lungs. I want to lay naked in a lover’s arms. I want to tell the entitled to get off their asses and look in the mirror. I want to … I want to … I want to …

Because…I can.

And I will.

Because...I can.S’mores Camp…Coming Soon to Cheeky Pea

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