Oh Deer! It’s Alice!

If you’ve been around the block before – especially in Second Life (I think we all have!) and around Plurk, Facebook, and just randomly – we’ve all heard about Alice Project from Alice Demonia. Alice leads the way in HUD controlled Hairstyles, making it crazy exciting to mix and match your hair to anything you like. 2013-12-09_1549

When purchasing your hair from Alice Project, you pick the hairstyle you’d like (I’m wearing Yuri for this) and it already comes with a mini color HUD to get you started! But don’t stop there! Alice Project has other HUDs you can choose from and purchase – I highly recommend it, because really you want to be unique, right? One thing to remember though about the “Create Your Own” HUD is that it only works with “Infinity” Hairstyles – so make sure you remember!


To start, wear your hair (easy enough) – choose the size you’d like, attach the HUD and get ready to play! Your hair comes automatically in white. At this point, you’d like to put a base color. You have the options of choosing from the color packs or the natural packs. I tend to stay with naturals (kinda boring here!). Once you apply it, you can jump right in and randomly assign colors to your hair! How? Easy – Down on the bottom of the HUD is five buttons: ALL, 1, 2, 3, & 4. Each one is connected to a part of the hair that will automatically change hair color on a click! So if you want part 1 to be green sparkly and part 2 to be black with white streaks – it’s all for you!  The best part about the HUD is your own chance to make so many different combinations that you can’t even begin to imagine.

Once you get the style you like and the combination you want, hit the APPLY button at the top! TIP HERE: Make sure you play with your combinations until you have exactly what you want! Once you hit apply, the dye sets permanently. I highly recommend reading ALL the notecards that come with your “Create Your Own” HUD and hair.

Oh Deer! It's Alice!Hair: Alice Project – Yuri (s-h1) Create Your Own / Alice Demonia *TP to Alice Project*
Skin: Glam Affair – Mokatana in America 02 C / Aida Ewing *Collabor88*
Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes in Quicksilver (ml) / Ikon Innovia *FaMESHed*
Sweater: The Secret Store – Christmas Sweater – Oh Deer / White (s) / Maylee Oh
Pose: .Infiniti. Poses – Fluffy / Brandi Monroe

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