How to win back…

I have designed myself to start writing on Sundays. It’s a way to let the week flow through my mind, gather into my core and release on paper…or screen. Thinking about what to write though is a challenge. Sometimes the words can come out easy and I have something to talk about. When writing about the happenings of Second Life, I can completely shut off what is happening in the Real Life. The events we gather around, the new items we should all get, and even more – the older items we shouldn’t forget about. Maybe I should reflect that the writing on these Sundays will be off tangent…but then the title would be a farce, right?

“How to win back…” It can be anything really. The title popped into my head as I was uploading the image, in a way I thought to “self-help” books and motivational speakers – those things that people of high emotions and depression pull toward in order to find some way of gaining insight. How do we win back our life? Our freedom to relax and meditate? How do we win back the freedom of our minds? How do we let go? 

I was at yoga the other day…and near the end during our relaxation period, we were asked to choose a word that had two syllables and use it as we breathed…inhale. Exhale. I choose two words instead. “Let Go”. I choose them..instead of “forgive”, “forget”, and “cherish”. Letting go is hard. We hold our emotions so close to our heart that it either blackens the organ or makes it radiant with red. I am – AM an emotional person. So I do I “win back” that resistance to control the situations that have gotten loose? It’s a learning curve, for sure. Eventually everything will settle back down into a normal (what is normal?) existance. Until that time, the mind will wonder about how to “win back” those key things. 

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤How to win back...Sweater: B.C.C Catty Cardigans & Thurs Paula in Brown (s) / Vitamingirl *Geeks’N’Nerds Fair*
Skirt: B.C.C Love UU Skirt in Beige (s) / Vitamingirl *Geeks’N’Nerds Fair”
Boots: [PM] Pixel Mode – Tabi Boots in Sand / Tya Fallingbridge *Shoetopia 2013*
Necklace: +Half-Deer+ Forest Spirit Necklace – Owl / Halogen Magic
Bag: .Olive. The Carry Me Satchel – Mr. Bun Bun (rare) / Naminaeko
Flowers: Glam Affair – My Cute Roses in White / Aida Ewing
Skin: Izzie’s – Katya in Pale GB Freckles / Izzie Button
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Akiko Mesh Hair in Gingerbread / LittleMissSunday Lemon
Eyes: IKON – Perspective Eyes in Brown (ml) / Ikon Innovia
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Casual / Siddean Munro
Pose: Sari-Sari i ❤ books 6 / StupidMonkey *Geeks’N’Nerds Fair*

House: [PM] Pixel Mode Willow Log Cabin in Winter / Tya Fallingbridge *NEW*
Chairs: [Consignment] Montare Slingback Chairs in Redwood / Wavie Haller
Lamp: [Consignment] Boneyard Patio Lamp in Blue / Wavie Haller
Mobile: MishMish – Bear Snowmobile / Aime Taakami
Fireplace: {what next} Pine Ridge Camping Fire and Pot / Winter Thorn

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