Introducing Lucie! Newness from Izzie’s!

Lucie is the newest skin from Izzie’s! A youthful, vibrant and cheery complexion that any Izzie-iate would love! She’s available in eight different skin tones, comes in multiple brow colors, makeups and even your own Lucie shape! She’s also available at this round of the Dressing Room Fusion with Pumpkin Spice and Bloody Mary, so make sure to pick them up for a scary steal!

Izzie's Lucie SkinIzzie’s Lucie Skin by Izzie Button ~ IKON Ardent Eyes by Ikon Innovia ~ Magika Tomorrow by Sabina Gully

Izzie's - Lucie TDR

Izzie’s Bloody Mary and Pumpkin Spice by Izzie Button ~ IKON Eternal by Ikon Innovia
Magika Flourish by Sabina Gully

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