There use to be a time and a place when one would recall that everything was at peace, in which things ran smoothly, love blossomed and friendships grew like daisies. After a time, the garden started to die off, and those blossoms fell to the ground – wilted due to heartache, betrayal and forgotten promises. We symbolize those moments with objects, pieces that reflect the times before by allowing them to linger within our presence as we stare at memory’s lane. We remember happiness, true love and thinking…it’s all about us. We curl upon the couch, where once we both laid upon, or wrap the blanket around our shoulders trying to capture the arms of a loved one. We keep up those pictures to remind us of the good times, even if the time has passed. We won’t forget, or try not to. We refuse to forget those happy times.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤Bittersweet:Cheeky Pea: Dean Door Shelf – Storm / Isla Gealach *NEW*
:Cheeky Pea: Driftwood Silhouettes – Nessie & Platypus *The Men’s Dept*
Eleventh Hour: The Hinge Shelf / River Stromfield *The Men’s Dept*
Trompe Loeil: Ashdon Living Suite: Chair w/Pillow, Couch w/Blanket, Coffee Table, Pillow Baskets,
Wall Illustration: Italian Rose, Ivy, and Viola / Cory Edo *FaMESHed*

Trompe Loeil: Antique Floor Lamp / Cory Edo
Seven Emporium: True Love Sign / Agustov
Seven Emporium: It’s All About Us – Lover’s Decor #1 / Agustov *The Men’s Dept*
=Zenith= Kiosk Birdcage – Chocolate / Miffyhoi Rosca *Chapter Four*
[ARIA] Ember Vases w/Poppies / Yelo Uriza
[PM] Pixel Mode – Ashworth Candle / Tya Fallingbridge

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