I have a lot of homes in my inventory – quite a few actually and never really know what to do with them. Then I stumbled upon Nina Helix of Alchemy’s home at We ❤ RolePlay and instant love. It’s so whimsical and quaint – and also comes in two different styles (Fairtytale and Traditional), that I had to have it! Upon returning to Teal Deer, the home went up and things got moved about (some trees) – although it hasn’t been decorated inside yet, the house is such a story just to stand there. It does breath it’s own life…

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤Storytime


Alchemy – Medieval House – Traditional / Nina Helix *We ❤ RolePlay*
:Cheeky Pea: S’mores Camp Lounger, Crate Table, Food, Marshmellow Roaster, Torch, Coffee / Isla Gealach *NEW*
Eleventh Hour: Pumpkin Decor – Painting Kit, Planter, Pile / River Stromfield *Fantasy Gacha Carnival*
{what next} Boardwalk Bicycle – Yellow / Winter Thorn

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