I’m trying to be a better observer of things. Trying to balance the ins and outs of my life while trying to convey a strength that is somewhat shaky. The way things happen it seems is that we live in a way that is never fully stable. We constantly rock back and forth upon wobbly legs, climbing high in order to seek out the best option. Everything we do is a balancing act. I am at fault with my own pile of ways: constantly adding to the increasing numbers until I can only stand on the tip of the iceberg. With one small shake, the world could come crashing down, becoming another mess within my distance as I try to crawl out of the nearest one. I keep climbing in hopes that the tower I have built will keep steady and carry my weight – my faith and my willpower. I am trying my hardest in a sea of possibilities.

Sought7 Emporium – Chair Pile / Agustov Resident *Designers United 5*

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