New Ventura – A Second Life Roleplay Experience

New Ventura officially opens it’s doors on September 8th, 2013. At the present moment, this urban, present-day roleplay sim is in it’s soft stages, allowing people to come in and observe, take part and try out their writing. I got a chance to visit the sim during its stages of construction and after it soft-opened and found it to be wonderfully designed and easy to walk-about.

“I am pleased to announce a new modern urban role-play SIM coming to Second Life! New Ventura is a fictitious large city based
on the southeast coast of Florida, in the United States of America.  The city’s large port will help cater to the import and export of
high grade illegal goods and other fine valuables. Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, there is a playable beach area and it is  -t o p l e s s-
so if you hate tan lines, come on down.

There is a separation intended in this city to cater to the upper class, as well as the lower class (and plenty geared toward middle
class too!). With the east side of the city focused on beach front and upper class story, there are upscale hotels, a bank, tiki bars,
boardwalk themed shoppes, select few upscale living with penthouses, suites & offices, and of course the beach and functioning port.
The east side is where you’ll find society’s upper crust; the celebrities, socialites, and wealthy businessmen of both the legit and
unsavory kind.” – Spencer Rainier, Sim Owner

If you’re into modern, urban roleplay and remember the days of Perdition, you should defiantly take a look! Here is the landmark to check out the sim. HERE

You can read up on New Venture over at their blog New Ventura Roleplay
Also – Join the forums to learn more about the sim and character roles! 
Applications go live on Sunday, September 8th!

New Ventura2

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