On August 23rd through the 31st, Cheeky Pea is participating in The 24! This event showcases 24 different Home Designers! (As well as Men, Women and Pose Designers). Cheeky Pea brings to you a Limited Edition Francesca Window Nook. There are only 100 copies being sold! The nook comes with both Adult/PG versions included as well as: new animations (single, couple, adult single, adult couple), texture-change pillows, seasons change in the window, and this 100% custom mesh is materials enabled (SL Official Viewer only). This stunning piece of work is yours for only L$3500! Remember, only 100 copies will be sold! Check out The 24 blog for landmarks, when the event opens!

For credits and such, see below ❤

Ambigious:Cheeky Pea: Francesca Window Nook Adult / Isla Gealach *The 24 Limited Edition* 
:Cheeky Pea: Hutton Table – Worn / Isla Gealach
:Cheeky Pea: Hutton Stool – USA / Isla Gealach
:Cheeky Pea: Hutton Stool – Ireland / Isla Gealach
Seven Emporium: Flag – Union Jack / Agustkov Resident
Seven Emporium: Morse Scale – Paint / Agustkov Resident
[Breno] Wine Bottle – Red / Alphawolf19 Resident
[Breno] Wine Glass / Alphawolf19 Resident
Eleventh Hour: Lust Bookends / River Stromfield
Eleventh Hour: Mischievous Stache Frame / River Stromfield
{apple fall} Let’s Play Scrabble / Apple Fall
*Second Spaces* Poker Set – Rare / Elle Kirshner
Dutchie: Mesh Leather Poof – Black / Froukje Hoorenbeek
Pose: ~Tableau Vivant~ / LouLou Teichmann

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