Waiting for the call…

Have you ever been just – waiting? You’re waiting for things to happen, take off, possibly burst in front of you like a firecracker shouting “Here it is!” Sure, a lot of us have done this. We wait, sometimes patiently, sometimes not for something to happen. Sometimes we try to do things about it, maybe attempt to push things forward or jump over cracks to get closer to what we’d like to happen. Other times, the reach to what we want to happen seems impossible, the mountain too large and immense to climb, so we wait. We wait for erosion and hope for the earthquake to crumble. Then there are times we’re just out of luck. We’re caged in boxes because no matter what we do, what we want to happen just cannot – happen. Whether its strictly impossible, a far-fetched dream, or the worst kind of obstruction – ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. And you know what the sad part about that is? We are the one that holds that “key” to unlock these cages.

Maybe someone should turn on the lights.

For credits and landmarks, see below Waiting for the call

Jacket: Emery – Amadeus Biker Jacket – Agre (Gray Top) (s) / Sunami Beck *FaMESHed August*
Skirt: Baiastice – Denim Tulle Skirt – Dirty Blue (s) / Sissy Pessoa *FaMESHed August*
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Window to My Heart Necklace – Long/Silver / Maxi Gossamer *FaMESHed August*
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Window to My Heart Earrings – Silver / Maxi Gossamer *FaMESHed August*
Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – America 03 G / Aida Ewing
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Lizzy – Black/Brown / Morphine Jannick *FaMESHed August*
Eyes: IKON – Ardent Eyes in Clarity / Ikon Innovia
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Elegant / Siddean Munro
Prop: BENT – The Cage / Catherine Fairport *Closed*
Pose: oOo Studio / Oleanka Chesnokov

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