Personal Drive-In

I’m not a big movie go-er or what they call a “movie buff”. I don’t particularly care to sit for two or more hours watching something that involves a story or issue. Maybe it sounds weird or I just never felt the utmost desire to spend time in a theater or collapsed on the couch watching a flick. Sure! I do like movies, I have my favorites, but I don’t need to see them all. I see them when I’m asked to, or have a burning desire with that feeling “I HAVE TO SEE IT”. Honestly, that’s only happen with a couple movies: All the Harry Potter films and Lord of the Rings films. (Okay, I’m a geek…sue me.)

I know there are people out there that see the latest and greatest. That watch anything they can get their hands on. Some love certain actors and have to watch their entire resume. Unfortunately – this is not me. I can take it or leave it. BUT – I will say this…I do miss drive-ins. I miss climbing into the back of my parents vehicle and going into town to the drive-in. Double night features on Saturday nights.  Maybe if those were still around (or more than not) I would be inclined to watch more. Maybe.

Credits and landmarks, see below ❤Personal Drive-In:Cheeky Pea: Outdoor Movies (Adult) / Isla Gealach *FaMESHed August*

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