Bali – A whole new experience

Introducing a whole new experience to the home – Bali by reBourne Prefabs by Danny Bourne is sure to do just that. What I enjoyed about this home as I was giving the opportunity to browse its walls was the warmth and lush feeling I got. Immediately I wanted to move in and never come out. From the luxury pool, the open kitchen to the stunning sauna and bathroom. I’m not sure I would ever have to leave my home if I lived here!

Bali will be available on Friday, August 2nd at 11amSLT! Also, for the first 48 hours it is 50% – it’s a steal in the making. This gorgeous home come available fully furnished (the Premium edition with animations) or unfurnished (the Basic edition with no animations) to your liking and also comes via a ground set-up or skybox set-up. Please check below the cut for more specifications as well as all information regarding this product which you can find available
at reBourne Prefabs store location.

Hope you enjoy the experience as much as I did and happy shopping!

For a trip to Bali – Take this taxi – reBourne Prefabs

Bali 2 (Depth of Field – Raw Shot in Second Life)


(Raw Shot in Second Life)

Information Regarding This Product in Quick Specs:


* Skybox ( Furnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Skybox ( Unfurnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Ground ( Furnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer
* Ground ( Unfurnished )- Copy/ (Partial) Modify/ No transfer

* Furniture – Individual furniture pieces are set for sale in the Bali demo. Furniture is copy/(partial) mod (some contain no mod scripts ). The bed is No copy.

Price: $14,999 furnished, $8,999 unfurnished

Footprint: Skybox 64mx64m
Ground 50mx50m

Furnished: This build can be purchased with or without furniture. All furniture seen is included with the premium (furnished) version. Furniture is also set for sale individually in the demo and on marketplace, so you can pick and choose your favorite pieces, if you don’t wish to buy furnished versions.

When purchasing individual furniture pieces, please check their individual permissions and price.


Bali comes in 2 versions, Premium ( furnished with animations ) and Basic ( no furniture or animations )

Furniture in furnished version is copy/ ( partial )modify. The bed is No copy/No mod/No transfer

The unfurnished version comes with some pieces that some may consider furniture. These are:

– Bathroom wall lights
– Fireplace/mantel piece
– shower (unanimated)
– Bathroom down spots
– Sinks and bathroom worktop
– Bath (unanimated )
– Some plants
– awnings

Some of these pieces have shadows embedded into the build. This means, if removed, the shadow will remain visible.

More information about this home can be found at it’s location. Please take the time to look it over before purchasing.

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