The Writer’s Block – Chapter 1

The Writer's BlockHello! Welcome to the first chapter of The Writer’s Block!

Over on this blog post – I wrote about why I started this challenge: HERE

The rules are pretty much simple:

1. The Writer’s Block will begin every 1st and 15th of the month.
It’s a bi-weekly (almost) challenge that allows you the time to write, express and showcase your work.
Topics will be posted the day prior to the 1st and 15th. I will be posting them here on my blog.
2. There will be four topics chosen. You are allowed to write in prose, poetry, short story, erotica, or argumentative essay and pick only ONE of the topics.
3. Since this is a Second Life Challenge, pictures are to be incorporated. Limit: four pictures. This is a written challenge as well, not just pictures.
4. Blog posts are to be linked to the topic blog (aka here) so we can all read.
Also, there is a Flickr Group made to post all your pictures! Please utilize it HERE
5. The bi-weekly challenge will close on the eve of the day before the new post. At that time, no more admissions for that segment will be excepted.
Why? A prize will be given to four people, one from each topic. I will award them with a linden prize.
6. I really hate to say it, but DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. I will check. I know how to Google (and use other tools).
7. This is not a PG Challenge. If you want to get dirty – do it! If the work is violent – that’s fine too. It’s about expression.
8. Link and credit. We still want to give props to the creators.
9. Have fun.
10. Enjoy what people have written.

Now on with the first Chapter – August 1st through August 14th (eve). Entries will close at this time and Chapter 2 will begin.


1. It’s only a fairy tale.
2. The colors of me.
3. You believe, so why should I?
4. Running up that hill.

Remember these are what you make of it. Sometimes topics will have a controversial, risque, or dramatic feel to them. It’s your expression. Have fun.

Please remember to post your blog links here and add your pictures to the Flickr group posted above.

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