Has it stopped?

Growing up, I loved going to amusement parks and fairs. Rides were a lot of fun and I would try to go on as many as I can. Fast forward to my teen years in which I learned that going on every single ride wasn’t exactly the best thing. I found out quickly that certain rides – those that tended to go in a circular motion, made me sicker than someone who had drank for 24 hours straight. The merry-go-round, the spinning chairs, the teacup ride! I couldn’t get on these rides to save my life without wanting to up-end my stomach contents right after. Give me five roller coaster rides in a row and I was chipper, but put me on anything that continously went round and round – dead.

So, why do I speak of this? Winter Thorn of {what next} came out with an awesome new item at her main store. It’s called the “Playground Roundabout” and comes with many different poses and animations that makes any virtual playground fun. Since I had moved to a new home and had some room to make my own playground, I rezzed the roundabout out, along with Winter’s Swing Set (not shown) and took the roundabout for a spin.

*insert motion sickness emote here*

I almost tossed my cookies. The virtual motion of going round and round felt real. I turned green and had to quickly hop off. Sad really, because the animations are quite fun and so perfectly made. The roundabout is a great addition to anyone’s playground or sim. I do highly recommend it, but if you’re like me – just be careful! It should come with a warning.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤
Has it stoppedShirt: *BOOM* Traveler Tee – Paris (m) / Aranel Ah
Shorts: {mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts – Medium Wash (xs) / Elie Spot
Skin: Glam Affair – Katya – America 03 C / Aida Ewing *The Boutique @ TLC*
Hair: *Alice Project* Melissa (s) – Infinity/ Alice Demonia *NEW*
Feet: [Gos] Boutique – Mesh Flat Feet V2 (xs) / Gospel Voom
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Elegant / Siddean Munro
Pose: flowey. / Flutter Memel
Props: {what next} Playground Roundabout -multicolour / Winter Thorn *NEW*
{what next} Garden Cafe Caravan / Winter Thorn
{what next} Love on Two Wheels / Winter Thorn
*MishMish* Lavender Monkey / Aime Takaaki *Love Flora Donna*
Location: Private

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