I was a Jesus lover…

I was a Jesus lover –

Back in the days of Nirvana rock

Grunge played the background,

But holy thoughts sang in lots

Tent revivals were the rage

Carrying our brethren into lakes

Washing away all my sins

While Filter told the man

“Nice shot”

I rocked the car and sang love

Lying to myself,

(Jesus loves me – Jesus saved me)

Brainwashed only until I was on my knees

Taken virginity to the next level

Lies told to the sheep to keep them there

What you grew to believe was wrong –

Living in sin

Loving in sin

Believing not of sin

Only to slaughter the mere thoughts

Take away –

And sing

“You consume me…” until I sing no more.


Credits and Landmarks, see below ❤

CaptureTank: Lark – Moab Tank – Rust (s) / Sienna Trevellion *NEW*
Top: [Decoy] Zanza Halter – Citrus (s) / Annette Voight *Summerfest ’13*
Shorts: Emery – Mesh High Waist Denim Short – Hope – Light (s) / Sunami Beck
Backpack: Tee*fy – Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack – Vintage / Azure Electricteeth *ARCADE*
Hat: {Sleepy Eddy} Adventure Hat – Beige / Metro Moonwall *ARCADE*
Bracelets: Baiastice – Snake Bracelet – Red Gold / Sissy Pessoa *FaMESHed June*
Shoes: MIEL – Espadrilles Solid – Natural (xs-s) / Miel Nirvana
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer – America 03 C / Aida Ewing *Summerfest ’13*
Hair: Clawtooth – That Pretty Lady – Strawberry Cream / Bubbles Clawtooth *ARCADE*
Eyes: .ID. Essentials – Medium – Teal Mix / Audrey Lamede
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Casual / Siddean Munro
Pose: oOo Studios / Olaenka Chesnokov
Location: DERAILED, Crash Boat

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