Face Value

Pictures can say a lot. They can evoke meaning, a feeling, a story, and even…nothing at all. I browse Flickr a lot. I browse the blogs quite a bit as well and I try to find different and unique styles that really give the items a pop or try to tell a story. I guess – when I’m looking at something, I don’t look at the face that often. Rarely does a person’s face change: unless they’ve changed hair color, eyes, or skin tone. I’ve noticed though an ongoing trend that keeps me from wanting to like a pretty decent picture. At first I didn’t realize what I was noticing, then it hit me. It’s the face. I see too much…face.

Now don’t get me wrong – most of the skins on the grid are absolutely gorgeous. They truly are. But if you’re not doing a skin post or are showing…skin (oh la la for sexy naked rawrness) and you’re showing off a new dress, or shoes, or a jewelry set that is a must have, then why am I seeing your face up close and personal? All I can think of is the camera angle of taking self-portraits for MySpace and Facebook. Camera up. Cock hip. Give duckface. Click.

Show me what you are wearing. Show me that gorgeous frock you are giving thumbs up too. Or those shoes that I must get. This is marketing people.

I’m not buying your face.

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤

Face ValueDress: GizzA – Cindy Dress – Plaid Cotton Red (s) / Giz Seorn *NEW*
Necklace: [HANDverk] – Palette Bolo – Autumn – Silver / Daphne Klossovsky
Bag: [HANDverk] Palette Purse – Autumn – Silver / Daphne Klossovsky
Skin: Belleza – Summer Skin / Tricky Boucher
Hair: Magika [Hair] – Visit / Sabina Gully
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Gesture / Siddean Munro
Pose: Frooti / Frooti Lemondrop *Closed*

3 thoughts on “Face Value

  1. I would think that a reason for face for some readers of especially feeds, is familiarity, I know that familiar faces make me pause, stop, to take in what familiar to me bloggers are wearing and have to say. Yes of course a well put together look can still grind me to a halt, but many readers of blogs connect with the bloggers that they read regularly, we don’t necessarily want to be faceless mannequins, but someone that they feel closer to than that, trust us, and feel a connection in some way too.

    • Oh I completely understand that. Especially for those that we know who they are exactly by their face – even just the way they do their pictures. It’s been a small grind in my gears for a while – I’ve done it. Yet, I do believe – sometimes things do get overshadowed due to too much focus on an area, like the face, when clearly the work and post is to be about the dress or pants or even jewelry one is wearing.

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