April may bring showers…

There has been numerous blog posts about etiquette. Especially blogging etiquette.

Don’t do this. Don’t do that. How should you present this? How do you do that? What is the right way? Who says this is wrong? WHO – in turn – makes these decisions on what is best for the “whole” in regards to blogging within Second Life? (I say this toward those who blog Fashion.) While compiling posts and such for [SL] Blogger Support, I came across many forms of what to do and what not to do. Neither one post was perfect, nor was it imperfect. Most said the same thing, while some regarded different ideas.

So what I wanted to do was this: Compile everything that WE KNOW on Blogging Etiquette. If you think about it, we are the ones that do the blogging – and that means EVERYONE. We all have ideas, and thoughts in how things should be done. We all do things in our own ways. Yet, when there is someone new to Second Life Blogging, we’d like for them to know the ins and outs, right? I know I had not a clue on how to do a thing when I first started, so I had to stumble and fumble my way through a lot of things. I forgot to credit items, or give SLURLS. I almost did put music on my blog, but decided against it!

So how are we going to do this? Well, you know I love Google Documents so I made it very easy! Click HERE and you’ll be taking to a form to fill out. Give us five things you THINK are things that we should as bloggers know to do, or learn to do. We’ll collect the data until April 15th, in which then we’ll compile the Top 25 Blogging Tips to make Second Life Blogging a breeze! Enjoy!

April May Bring Showers 2

April May Bring ShowersShirt: The Secret Store – Lua’s Cropped Shirt in Lines (s) / Maylee Oh *FaMESHed April*
Shorts: -Tres Blah- C88 Board Shorts in Ocean / Julliette Westburg
Tights: Izzie’s – Tights in Blue / Izzie Button
Shoes: [monso] My Studded Oxford in White / Morphine Janick *FaMESHed April*
Skin: -Belleza- Summer Skin / Tricky Boucher
Hair: >TRUTH< Tymber w/Roots – Frappuccino / Truth Hawks *FaMESHed April*
Eyes: IKON – Arden Eyes in Hazel (m) / Ikon Innovia *NEW*
Nails: Izzie’s – Spring / Summer 2013 Nails / Izzie Button
Props: [HANDverk] April Showers Parasol – Blue (ram) and Violet (owl) / Daphne Klossovsky *Pose Fair 2013*
Pose: [LAP] / Dove Swanson *Closed*

One thought on “April may bring showers…

  1. Well, as it seems that the tips are only for bloggers to fill out the form, I just thought I’d add my contribution as a reader, on things I love/hate here… maybe you could add them in somewhere 🙂

    As just an ordinary reader of the feeds, I often get frustrated when I find a blog doesn’t give enough product info. Yes, the blogger might be reviewing one particular item.. but they’ve put together a complete image. And the thing that catches my eye, the thing that I might want to go and buy, might not even be the reviewed item; it might be the hair, or shoes. If the blogger thought it was a good enough item to wear in their pic, pay the creator the compliment of passing the info on to readers. And this goes for poses and props too… often these get forgotten, yet sometimes they can make the picture just right.
    Also, slurls!!! I know its a lot of extra work to go and find all the slurls for each item.. but its really frustrating for a reader to see something I absolutely must must have… and then spend time trying to chase down a store listed as something like {PKGD} – Lily Dress (because thats what the product is called in their inventory, fair enough), only to find, usually by sheer accident, that the store is actually called “Psycho Kitteh Gum Drops”. Thats if I manage to find out at all. If not, well, that just means no sale for that creator.

    The other thing that I do see a lot, that is mildly annoying on the feeds, is repetition. I know that just because one person has blogged something, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t as well… but come Fair time, I notice the same item blogged over and over again, while a lot of others get missed entirely. This recent skin fair… I got so sick of seeing “So-and-so’s new skin” that I started to wonder if the designer had passed their skin out to every blogger they could find. (it WAS a nice skin…but it wasn’t the only skin to get released, I’m sure!). So, if you’re a blogger, you’re about to do a blog on an event like that… just take a quick peek at what others are posting about. If you can see 5 other bloggers posting about the same item… try sharing something different. We like variety 🙂

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