By the Dock ~ Neva River Sim

I normally don’t do contests. I usually get scared, nervous and jittery and also think that I don’t have a chance in hell, but when I heard about Neva Crystall’s contest for taking a picture of her gorgeous re-opened Neva River sim I had to jump at the chance. I’ve taken plenty of pictures at her sims in the past year and a half and even got blessed with getting a Second Life Picture of The Day back last November with “Islands”. Neva’s sims are always well thought out and have such an artistic hand to them that most who go there tend to weep at the beauty of it. It’s so life-like, and anyone who comes in wants to never leave again. I for one could spend hours just sitting on the dock if one would allow….

By the Dock - Neva Rim SimFor information on the Neva River Sim Photography Challenge: HERE
For a trip to the Neva River Sim: HERE

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