Seven things you may – or may not need to know about me in Second Life…(for more info, check out Strawberry Singh’s blog)

1. Katya is my third alt. You can find out why in this story on my Connecting post I did back in January.

2. For the first four years of Second Life I didn’t know about Second Life fashion or really what it was. I just shopped when I needed things for my home, for the character I was playing at the time. Pictures were a nuisance.

3. I consider myself a non-monogamous person in Second Life. I like relationships, but not just one. I enjoy people and what they can bring. Does this mean I’m a randy intellectual? Quite. Does this mean I’m going to do you? No.

4. I have learned to love, laugh, hate, argue, and dream in this virtual world. Some I have even brought into the real. When that happens, it’s there to stay.

5. Blogging has been an outlet. I do enjoy (now) taking pictures. Before it was a struggle and I would mope about it. I think I’ve gotten better, but there is much to learn in regards to photography and Second Life fashion.

6. I like to ruffle feathers in Second Life. People take things too seriously and don’t enjoy what this virtual world can bring us. I understand that we are all different, but we have this world by our fingertips. Enjoy it. Stop being so dramatic.

7. I’m a huge believer of support, community and dedication. If you help someone, it comes back ten fold. I like to help people, talk to them, encourage. Yet, I do admit that I like encouragement back and sometimes feel that people think I’m stronger than I look. I’m not. Kind words, a hug – does go a long way. I may not create things, or take the most amazing pictures, but I will be your biggest cheerleader.

[PM] Pixel Mode – The Dreamer – White / Tya Fallingbridge *FaMESHed March*
[PM] Pixel Mode – The Dreamer – White Candle Holder / Tya Fallingbridge *FaMESHed March*
Location: The Nest

3 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Well first of all, I just have to say that this is a gorgeous image! I enjoyed reading your facts, especially found what you said in fact #3 quite interesting and I don’t know you that well, I think we’ve only spoken a few times, but it really gave me an insight into your thinking. I admire that about you a lot. Also, I definitely agree that there is lots to learn in regards to photography and Second Life fashion, I still struggle and learn on a daily basis.
    Anyhow, rambling away now, lol but thank you so much for participating. I was really happy to get a little more of a glimpse of you. ❤

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