You Don’t Say!

I’ve started to grasp an opinion.

Taking it by the shirttails and not letting go. Maybe to others it’s come as a surprise that I’m opening my mouth more or that I’m just showing “true colors” as some might say, but for years there had been a nagging behind my mind that I wasn’t speaking up. I wasn’t being loud enough. With a new year, I thought for sure I could change this approach and open up. But of course, my mind always forges ahead toward the consequences of my actions. Would this happen? What about this? How would I handle this situation?

So, I hold back a little. Just a little though. The advancement to be vocal is starting to make me feel a bit more free. Sure! Within blogging and social media – I can say as I please, but I’m making sure that these things don’t come back to haunt me. I am learning to get informed before I open my mouth. No one likes a ‘know it all’ and no one cares for people who don’t take the time to know the situation. This should be applied to all aspects of social media. Even this one.

So – get informed. It’s not that hard.

Plus, if you haven’t been to DRIFT yet by Kallisto Destiny. You should. Amazing. Truly awesome clothing.  ❤


Drift_004Shirt: DRIFT – City Shirt – White (s) / Kaliisto Destiny *NEW*
Pants: DRIFT – City Pannts – Chocolate (m) / Kallisto Destiny *NEW*
Shoes: Ingenue :: Ariane – Cocoa / Betty Doyle
Necklace: (Yummy) Winter Flowers Necklace – Gold /Polyester Partridge
Ring: (Yummy) Winter Flowers Ring – Gold /Polyester Partridge
Skin: FAKE :: MIEL Skin – Peach Tone – Gacha Skin 1 (common) / Bonnie Forder *NEW*
Hair: >TRUTH< Brianna w/Roots – Frappuccino / Truth Hawks *NEW*
Eyes: .ID. Mysterious / Mesh Eyes / Rain / Audrey Lamede
Pose: !bang Stand 200 / Trieste Minuet

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