Study Hard

I think the title says it all. I’m back to school. Horray for me! I didn’t run, I didn’t hide. I went back and continued on. For a continuing education student, that’s a big feat. You feel out of place, you don’t know if this is really right for you and yet you know – KNOW that this is the best thing. I’ve got two more semesters (this is one of them) and then graduation. This isn’t my first degree – but I will say this – it’s probably going to be the one that makes me the proudest.

Prior, during the first degree – I would just do the work, go to class, not involve myself. I worked two jobs to support and I ran on coffee, sex and alcohol. Sometimes I wonder how I survived the first go, but I did. This time around, my mind is more awake. I’m not working, I’m pushing myself and actually enjoying the outcome. I wish more people would see that when they are in college. That you have this wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Sure it’s expensive, but in life you have to do things that you don’t want. Things don’t come free.

Well enough about that, on to other things! One of my favorite stores on the grid is closing it’s doors: Kyoot. I’ve worn Kyoot for ages and I’m so sad to see it go, but the lovely Saeya is moving on to exciting things in the real world and I wish her all the best. So upon closing, she’s doing a 50L Closing Sale on all items. I hopped over to pick up a couple things that I hadn’t yet gotten (I have most) and I’m glad I did. If you haven’t yet gone over to the sale, you really really should. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

I also am amazed by the Bruine Desk from :Cheeky Pea:. Isla Gealach did it! The made a great mesh piece that is only 1L impact! And to top it off, it’s a stunning piece with numerous animations. I actually spent the other night with myself in the “sleeping” look, head face down on the desk, preparing myself for my real life look for the next semester. Since we’re on the subject of sales, :Cheeky Pea: is also having a Retirement Sale on all it’s scupltie items. Everything will go mesh! Horray!

Study HardT-Shirt: Kyoot – Portland Tee (Bird) / Saeya Nyanda *Store Closing*
Capris: Kyoot – Etienne Capris (Grey) / Saeya Nyanda *Store Closing*
Shoes: “Nzuri” Sysy Pumps – Denim Leather / Tracy Rubble *NEW*
Camera: Tee*fy – Vintage Brownie Camera – Portal / Azure Electricteeth
Tattoo: *Rebelstar* Free Yourself Birds Tattoo (Light) / Aytac Soulstar
Skin: [AUX] Skins – Paige – Fair (DB) – Trending / Ivy Graves *Collabor88 January*
Hair: ::Exile:: Stay the Night – Moreno / Kavar Cleanslate *NEW*
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands – Casual / Siddean Munro
Eyes: .ID. Mysterious / Mesh Eyes / Rain / Audrey Lamede
Pose: Exposeur – Prima Donna / Rubystarlight Writer
{what next}
Rohan Pallet Shelf / Winter Thorn

:Cheeky Pea: Kraken Dart Board – Natural / Isla Gealach *Men’s Dept January*
:Cheeky Pea: Bruine Desh / Isla Gealach *NEW*
{what next} Home is Where Collage Prints – Natural / Winter Thorn
LISP – Anna Floor Lamp – Cream / Pandora Popstar
.lame – Rudy’s Loveseat – Spring2 / Divine Falodir
FATEwear – Grey Knapsack / Damien Fate
[Organica] Lore’s Den / Aki Shichiroji *Four Walls Hunt*

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