[monso] and Naken Landing Cattery

The first thing I noticed when I went over to FAIR (hosted by CHIC Management) was this adorable little mesh hat and hair from [monso]. It comes in an assortment of colors for the hat (which all you have to do is click) and different shades to match your needs of your favorite hair color. I couldn’t help but think it was super cute and had to grab it and kind of wished I had one in the real world as well (which means I’ll have to go looking).

At the same time that I was getting this hat, my bestie and I decided to move our KittyCats into a more permanent setting and started a small shop on the Marketplace: Naken Landing Cattery. Since our little ‘monsters’ were popping out kittens left and right, we decided to make it easier of you all to get your very own KittyCat through our store. I hope you enjoy them!

To go to FAIR, take this Taxi!

To check out Naken Landing Cattery on the Marketplace, click Here!

Sweater: ::{u.f.o}:: flamingos day (pink) (m) / Charming Meiler *Collabor88*
Trousers: coldLogic – trouser – higgins – cream (s) /Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone *NEW*
Shoes: Ingenue :: Ariane – Cocoa / Betty Doyle
Skin: [PXL] Faith Natural – NE MEB C2 / Hart Larsson
Shape: My own
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Katy / Cookie Pack – Red 2 / Morphine Janick *FAIR October*
Eyes: .ID. STR / Mesh Eyes / The Woods / Green / Audrey Lamende
Eyelashes: Maitreya Mesh Lashes / Onyx LeShelle
Eyeliner: Izzie’s – Elena Eyeliner / Izzie Button
Freckles: Izzie’s – Elena Freckles – Natural (body + face) / Izzie Button
Nails: Izzie’s – French Nails / Izzie Button
Furniture: PRISM Furniture – Autumn Nights Bookcase Set / Lilly Juno
PRISM Furniture – Autumn Nights Gossip Bench Set / Lilly Juno
KittyCats – Regan (Burmese Champagne)
Croire – rugs from the attic / Emily Kaestner
[North West] Polaroids on a String (flowers) / Lili Brink *Closed*

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