Be respectful…

Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t matter what I say or how I say things. Is anyone really watching what I say or are they ignoring the words that I may be spilling on here? Social media is an interesting place. When I first started using such forms (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook) I never realized how much – and in so many ways – words could open doors and allow people to see exactly what you are thinking. At times, maybe see too closely what we are thinking.

As the years have gone by, people are more and more open, their own lives now an ‘open book’ for others to read about, comment on and make judgements on. Without really getting the full story, or facts, people can make full out assumptions based on a few words someone has tweeted, Facebooked or even Plurked about.

Typically I watch my words on such social areas, yet this is not to say that I haven’t been honest or even open to sticking my foot in mouth, because I have. When I used to write a lot, blogging on MySpace, I was opinionated. I spoke up, stated my mind, but I kept one solid rule:

Be respectful.

That’s a huge problem I’m starting to find on all forms. People completely lose their filter on these platforms. For those who think they have the biggest ‘mouth’ get on their soap boxes (or computers) and yap away forgetting that one golden rule of  just:

Being respectful. 

It all circles back though into a fold, and eventually those with the largest mouths become quiet when people start to turn deaf ears and maybe they should finally sit back and remember to:

Do respectful.

It goes a long way.

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2 thoughts on “Be respectful…

  1. I believe it does matter that we’re respectful even when we seem outnumbered by the disrespectful ones. There are contagious and osmosis things going on.

    Having to live with myself, I care about who I’m becoming and how I conduct myself in this life. When I get discouraged that no one is really listening to anyone else at all, that it’s all talk and no listening, I tell myself it’s a phase we’re all going through.

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