Alice Project – Hair Fair 2012

I never really knew about Alice Project until I came to Plurk and met Ms. Alice Demonia. From there I learned that she was the creator of Alice Project and upon testing them out, found out that – WOW! her style is pretty damn cool. What is unique about them, is not only the simplicity of the styles, but the HUD that comes with them. Within each style, you start out with the base color of white, and from there your palette is set to try a combination of random colors from the choice of HUD you have purchased. From naturals to unnaturals, the randomness is endless. (Or so it seems.)

Ms. Demonia has a few different styles set out for Hair Fair 2012 this year. Without a doubt, Hyori is my favorite. I highly recommend checking out Alice Project down at the event!

Hair Fair 2012 is still going on until July 29th, 2012 with donations going to Wigs for Kids. At this moment there has been over $2,000,000L donated!

Here’s your taxi to Alice Project at Hair Fair on the Flower Sim: HERE

List of stores and SLURLs to Hair Fair: HERE

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