Pick me up lord, pick me up…everyday…

When I think about creativity, I think about music and how one’s talent comes from listening and watching over the years of different styles, till finally one day – their own light shines through and something magically hits. A person’s creativity is special, and everything that is original and comes from those talents is that person’s – and only that person’s. It’s not shared, nor is it supposed to be taken off as someone else’s. Other’s can inspire to be like those they find enjoyable. They can gain their own creativity from those people, continuing a cycle that has gone through the ages.

But it’s disheartening when someone takes another’s creative streak and claims as their own. That they don’t take the time and dedication, the hard work, the ‘blood, sweat, and tears’ to truly understand the creative process.

I realize in Second Life that there are so many of us that are amazingly talented. That many of us have unique styles, and our art is our own. But I also do know that there are others who don’t really care to use their own creative license and would rather ‘steal, mar, and shame’ those that have done so much hard work, and claim it as their own.

I’m all for standing together to protect our own originality, our creative license.

To find out more about One Voice and Curio, please read here. The Gala Fundraiser by One Voice is being held from July 9th through the 22nd and can be located – here.

Top: : S u g a r : Layered Tank – Curio (m) *One Voice* 
Pants: (TokiD) Reve Trousers – Printed Cream (s) *One Voice*
Shoes: * FIR&MNA * The Bowlorama Shoes – Women – Mint & Pink
Necklace: Intrigue Co. Mesh – Sandcastle Necklace *Collabor88*
Prop: ::{u.f.o}:: Vanilla Acoustic – My Owl

Skin: {.essences.} Moana Rosy Pale {GP} *One Voice* 
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes – Yvonne 2.0 *One Voice* 
Hair: Clawtooth – Willows – Red Eye Flight
Eyes: ~*By Snow*~ Deep Eyes / Mesh / Purple *One Voice*
Eyelashes: .ploom. lashes 6
Make-Up: cheLLe (eyeshadow) Bohemian Beauty – Purple *One Voice*
Make-Up: .::CENSORED::. Eyeliner 4 *One Voice* 

Pose: aDORKable Poses – Handbag 04 *One Voice*
Location: Where It Begins
Listening: Dave Matthews Band “Everyday”

* List of Stores SLURLS can be found in the Store Links Location of my blog*
*   – denotes a promotional copy *

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