Being open and honest about it…

When deciding to start blogging again, I really didn’t give it much thought onto what I would be writing about. Really, prior to SL blogging, I spent a lot of it talking about my real life and the ongoings. There would be discussions and people actually having whole-hearted thoughts and ideas coming out from whatever was being posted or talked about. I guess you would say – a following, because I actually had people that commented.

But I ramble…

Lately though I’ve been seeing so much negativity and crap that is all over the SL blog-sphere that I get a sick feeling in my mouth. I had told myself I wouldn’t talk about it or even get involved but christ-almighty, it’s an ongoing thing.

Maybe I’m a bit naive in the ongoings of the Second Life fashion world. Or even the designers/creators area. But I think I do have an opinion, whether it’s going to be heard or not.

These are my opinions:

Bloggers – Don’t ask for things. Don’t beg. Continuing to harass designers for items is tackless. Don’t  beg to blog for them. You already do if you buy their items and give it your own style. Also, remember that respect is a two-way street. Respect those you blog on. Being critical is fine, but don’t do it to demean a designer/creator.

Maybe it’s the humble person within me, but I spend a lot of time and money within Second Life. Anything that’s been giving to me is from applying for a position in an event. Or a friend that has given me a review copy. That’s it. I realize that blogging and taking pictures do take a long time to do. But blogging is to be fun and that’s what we’re here for. I also do get that some bloggers actually work for certain designers, so it’s somewhat like a job – and that’s good. For me, it’s relaxing and exciting all at the same time.

Designers/Creators – Remember, most people who are blogging your items have indeed – bought them. They’ve spent their lindens to acquire your pieces and chose to review them. Critiques go both ways. I know everyone hates to be criticized but it does happen. One needs to take the good with the bad. Also, bloggers are your customers – treat them with respect. Like I said above, it’s a two-way street. Bloggers push your items out into the fore-front.

I’ve not had any bad experience with any designers/creators at all since I’ve started. Even prior to blogging in Second Life, every time I’ve had to contact someone because of an item, I was treated respectfully. Maybe it’s in the way of wording. If you show kindness, you’ll get kindness.

Yet, I know there are a few bad apples out there. There are bloggers who think they are the BEST THING IN THE WORLD and designers/creators that think they are the BEST THING IN THE WORLD – but really folks….Kindness works wonders.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light – 01 BL HB
Shape: My own
Make-Up: cheLLe (eyeliner) Cat Eyeliner (Black)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Flourish
Eyes: .ID. Basic / Dark / Blue
Eyelashes: .ploom. lashes 6
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic Nails

Skirt: *elymode* Jennifer – (S) – Meadow
Feet: Slink – Bare Feet Mesh
Bracelet: * Bardo : Peacock Bangle *NEW* 

Listening: Nine Inch Nails “Only”

* List of Stores SLURLS can be found in the Store Links Location of my blog*
* ♪ – denotes a promotional copy *

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