I enjoy…

I enjoy so many things.

Most of these things are the everyday. The simple acts. Those little bits that make us who we are in what we do, day in and day out. When I drink my coffee in the morning. The first sound of my voice in ‘hello’. The unspoken silence of time before there is set things to do.

But there are other things I enjoy.

The daydream (or night) of release. The acts of skin upon skin, in which it’s within reach. The subtle flick of a lover’s tongue.

I enjoy so many things.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah – Fantasy Line (The Dressing Room)
Shape: My own
Hair: Amacci Hair – Bloom – Black Coal
Eyes: :[Plastik]: Aleria Collection / Hypnotique – Pan
Eyelashes: .ploom. lashes 6

Headpiece: LaGyo – Anemone – MAUI (The Dressing Room)
Pose: R.icielli
Listening: Ellie Goulding “Starry Eyed”

* List of Stores SLURLS can be found in the Store Links Location of my blog*
* ♪ – denotes a promotional copy *

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