Try to think about it…

I’m not one for SL love…

I used to be, or so I thought. A few years ago, I allowed myself to ‘fall in love’ with someone. Of course, like it seems – it fell apart and in the end, I was the one being crushed. How simply we fall for people so quickly, but some are skeptics and call this type of love not real. How can you really ‘love’ a person you’ve never met. Especially if this person is on the other side of the world.

I am not one of those skeptics. I do believe you can find your ‘true love’ via these walls. But I don’t go looking anymore. I’ve met many wonderful people in my SL that I think are fabulous and could really see that they are amazing people. Could I fall in love with one of them? Sure. I could. I’m not afraid to admit it, but I keep this wall up to protect myself. Although feeling special in someone’s SL is nice. I do miss and enjoy that.

Skin: -Glam Affair- Jadis V2 – Tan – Green Ash
Shape: My own
Make-Up: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Tan]
Make-Up: Cheap Makeup – Tableau Lashes FREE
Hair: >TRUTH< Felecia (Mesh) – quince
Eyes: .ID. March Gift / Shades of Green 3
Eyelashes: .ploom. lashes 6

Dress: *BOOM* Hye Tube dress (darkest jade) (small) *NEW*
Earrings: undefined lillies – bramble ramble (dark sea green / silver) *NEW*

Pose: !bang ♪
Listening: Enigma “Gravity of Love”

* List of Stores SLURLS can be found in the Store Links Location of my blog*
* ♪ – denotes a promotional copy *

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