So yeah…Linden Labs has been a little bit on my shit list lately. After buying some mainland we’ve had the unfortunate dealings with: a land bot stealing the land, getting the land back, with the sim crashing for no reasoning and rolling back, and the club next door in the sky that takes all the sim resources – meaning only 40 avis are allowed on sim and they would have like 37 at all times. How is that fair? And LL could do nothing about it. So last night was spent looking for a new place. We ended up finding one, but again spending monies…and hopefully the land that we had will go quickly. It is prime waterfront protected land anyway. Anyone want a parcel? *grins*

So my t-shirt from Kyoot fits perfectly.

Skin: .ploom. Lea_Tea (LB) – Smoke

Shape: My own

Make-Up: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Tan]

Hair: >TRUTH< Sia Streaked – Oasis

Eyes: .ID. January Gift / Honey

Eyelashes: Mynerva

Eyelashes: .ploom. Lashes 6

T-Shirt: Kyoot -PortlandTee (Point) (Stumblebum Brigade)

Pants: AA – Bella Bloomers Brown Floral (Part of)

Feet: Slink JP Feet *MESH*

Ring: PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring – Lost at Sea Special Edition (Group Gift)

Earrings: ::NEEDFUL THINGS:: SPRING CREOLEs ❤  – Rainbow (Zombie Popcorn 6)

Pose: R.icielli



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