Now Don't Get Me Wrong…

I used to blog a lot…like a lot a lot..back in the day when MySpace was the shit and all that jazz and I dallied in Second Life just for fun. But as it seems, the last blog – or should I say poem – I posted was back in February of 2009! Blimey! It’s been a year and such that I haven’t written a thing…well scratch that..I have written a thing or two, but just not in the general contents of a blog, story, thesis, snyapsis, etc etc etc…After almost four years in SL…that will be July 6, 2010 as my four year rez date – I still write…but in what is called, Roleplay.

But of course there is a lot more to just Roleplay in my Second Life…friends, loves, fashion, dancing, … just a strange excitement at times. It truly is…a second life.

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