Katya Valeska & Review Policy

I am an avid role-player, shopper, gamer, who dabbles in sl photography and blogging. Lately Second Life has become more of an artistic outlet, allowing me to enhance in my photography and photoshopping skills. I do love to take raw shots in Second Life and try my hardest not to do much in PS, but sometimes I get a bit carried away!

Currently: I am the co-creator of  The Liaison Collaborative (an event company) as well as the owner of [SL] Blogger Support which is something that I am working on to bring all blogger’s of Second Life together to get the ins and outs of blogging.

To Reach Me:

Inworld: Katya Valeska
Email: simply.dou@gmail.com

Review Policy:

If you would like for me to review your product or service, I will do so with gratitude! I do have a style that I like to call my own, but sometimes I’m willing to break out of my element and give new things a try. Please when submitting products via Second Life to send me an IM first to Katya Valeska along with a notecard of the name of your product and creator(s), along with the shop’s SLURL if there is one. I will try to get to them in a timely manner, yet like we all know – real life does hit at times. Don’t worry! I will give a heads up if something gets in the way.

Thank you!

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